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Get to know your way around the website by finding the answers to the following questions.

One of our current mission partners are

A GFS in Korea

B St Columba’s Hospital in India

C Ruth Choi

The current All Ireland President of GFS is:

A Syliva Quinn

B Lily Reid

C Elizabeth Townsend

GFS was founded in Ireland in:

A 1975

B 1875

C 1877

The next World Council will be held in:

A Ireland

B Wales

C Australia

The GFS Central Office is located in

A Armagh

B Dublin

C Australia

The current GFS World Project is based in

A Solomon Islands

B Sri Lanka

C Zambia

The date that determines your age in each section is

A 1st September

B 1st July

C 31st December

How many times a year is the GFS newsletter published:

A Monthly

B Quarterly

C Annually

The GFS World Day of Prayer is celebrated each year on:

A 30th September

B 29th September

C 1st July

What age group was asked to make and decorate bunting triangles

A 5-7 years

B 7-9 years

C 9-11 years

What age group was asked to make a bracelet?

A 5-7 years

B 7-9 years

C 9-11 years

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