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The purpose of the World Council of GFS is to promote friendship between members of the society around the world. World Council, World Project and World Day of Prayer are among the regular events which support this objective. Participation in these forums has facilitated opportunities for special friendships between particular member countries.

In 1955, the Presidents and Executive Secretaries of GFS in eight nations met on the Isle of Wight to discuss ways of working more closely together. GFS World Council was established by charter on June 24, subject to ratification by the respective national boards of directors.  At that time, World Council represented 25 nations and 66,000 members.

In the past five decades there have been nineteen World Councils hosted by various different countries.  Representatives of the member countries meet to plan the work of the Society for the next three years, worship together, and celebrate the fellowship of GFS.  World Council is now held every three years, hosted by the World Chairman’s country.  The World Council Project, a three year mission project, is selected by the delegates and is partially funded by World Day of Prayer offerings.


World President 2017 – 2020

Ms Thembeka Pama, GFS South Africa



 World Project – Sri Lanka – 2017 – 2020: English for Employment Prospects (EEP)

GFS World Project Objectives Sri Lanka-2017-2020

World Project – Japan –  2014-2017

GFS World Project – Japan Outreach Project 2014

World Project – Solomon Islands 2011-2014

Solomon Islands World Project Report



World Day of Prayer Service 2018


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World Newsletters 2017:

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World Newsletter September 2017

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World Council Reports 2017:

World Council Newsletter November 2017 – compiled by Irish Delegation


World Newsletters pre 2017

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GFS World News Letter April 2012

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Korean Report

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