About GFS

GFS is active in 80 branches throughout Ireland and plays an integrated part in the life of the Church and community, offering members education through fun, while helping them to live a Christian life.  GFS exists to support the work and development of the local parish.  With regular meetings, social events, festivals and youth camps it has the capacity to be a dynamic force in the Parish.

GFS is constantly revising its education programme which encourages members to achieve their best in a variety of areas and includes outdoor pursuits, drama, first aid, environmental awareness,  arts and crafts, information technology, church life, and public speaking.  Camps, outings, concerts and competitions are among regular events, with special emphasis on exchange visits to extend friendships.

GFS has members as young as 3 years of age.  All our leaders are volunteers and if you would like information on joining GFS as a member or leader you can contact Central Office, 36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4.  Email: office@girlsfriendlysociety.ie or your local branch directly if you know the contact details.

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