Solomon Islands World Project Report Aug 11

Joan Haeta Solomon Islands at her stand on International day.

Our New GFS Project Solomon Islands

Their report to World Council

Background Information
The Girls Friendly Society was introduced in Melanesia in the late 1990’s and was established under the Mothers’ Union in 2005. The organization was piloted in two dioceses in the same year and has grown in number since,

The Girls Friendly Society is active in five parishes under the Dioceses of Central Melanesia and the Dioceses of Hanuato’s, Solomon Island. Since its establishment in 2005 the total membership stands at 120 young girls and 23 women.

Lack of funding has made it impossible to carry out all our planned activities and anticipated objective of having the organization established in eight of the other dioceses in the Anglican PROVINE OF Melanesia. This is a hindrance to the development of the society and its programs.

Solomon Island as a developing national has encountered problems which affect young people, especially rising social issues within families and communities. Some of the social issues that are on the increase are those of teenage pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, teenage marriages, domestic violence, substance abuse and criminal activities.

School drop outs do hot have access to any opportunity, e.g. job, training skills, sewing, and craft, weaving and catering. Financial illiteracy has also restricted the potential for communities to seek new sustainable livelihood and business opportunities.

Target Groups and Final Beneficiaries
The beneficiaries will be young girls who have left school and are engaged in the Society as volunteers and also young women who will be supporting the Society in the communities.

Direct Beneficiaries.
With the training received, training will be done in one central place for leaders and supported by external trainers and internal trainers (those who have trained twice with Australian leaders the last two years). The local trainers with the assistance of the Mothers’ Union who have been the great support financially in the previous years will be part of the activity.

Indirect Beneficiaries
Communities will indirectly benefit from this program as the impact will change their lifestyles and spiritual growth.

• To equip women and girls with the skills necessary to carry out activities in leadership for community development
• To enable women, girls and youth to participate in community affairs and development especially in decision making processes.
• To equip an empower young women with knowledge and skills to be bale to support the GFS programs in the communities and churches.
• To raise awareness on the impact of social issues affecting families and communities.

Description of the Action

Activity One: Training of Trainers- there will be a centralized training for 10 people from the dioceses. Each Diocese is to nominate a Townsend member and one GFS leader. Training will be for five days. Trainers will be coordinator of GFS – Joan Haeta and her CV is attached.

Topics: Worship, GFS Knowledge, Biblical Knowledge, Leadership, Communication, Needs and Relationships. Health Issues, Practical Skills

Activity Two: There will be training in eight dioceses. Five of the ten will be GFS leaders and five will be Townsend members.

Activity Three: Follow up and monitoring will be done after five months of the activities to assess the progress and constraints faced by the people trained,

Implementation: the responsible office will be the Mothers’ Union in the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Provincial Coordinator who oversees the operation of the whole project in the 8 dioceses. Eight Dioceses will have coordinators who work in 8 locations in the Province of Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Report to World Council: A report on the progress of the project will be provided to the World President of GFS at least annually, it will include information and photos that can be distributed to all world countries.

Contributions: The GFS members and supports are oganising fund raising activities. Opportunities to seek assistance from other organizations to support some activities that supplement the GFS could be looked at. To date, no request has been submitted to other donors.

Control of funds: The monies for carrying out the program activity in the Solomon Islands will be received, kept by and administered the Melanesian Board for Mission (MBM) Anglican Church of Melanesia. Funds will only release at the request of the GFS Provincial Coordinator for an activity according to its budget line and timeline activities. Reconciliation of the use of funds will be done after each request tot the MBM Accountant. Signatories will also be the Mission secretary of the Melanesian Board of Mission (MBM) and MBM Accountant/

Audited Statements: A Statement of all monies received and expended will be provided to the World President of GFS in the form of a statement audited by a registered auditor in the Solomon Islands together with GFS Australia Inc providing an audited statement of any monies they received and expend, at the completion of the project.

Contact Person : GFS Coordinator –m Ms Joan Mary Haeta, Province of the Church of Melanesia, PO Box 19, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Declaration: I Edith Koete submit this proposal and undertake that all funds provided will be expended for the purposes for which they are provided.

Signed: (original was signed by Edith Poete), Provincial MU President
(Original was also signed by Joan Haeta, Provincial GFS Coordinator

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