“Less plastic for Lent” initative

“Less plastic for Lent”

GFS Knowledge Badge Resource

GFS Knowledge Badge Resource

GFS Promise – annotated with actions

Mission Partner Badge

Mission Badge

Mission Badge Workbook

Additional information please follow link: St Columbas update Canon Stuart Lloyd 2016

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Prayer of Hope for February

Prayer of Hope for February

Prayer of Hope for January

Prayer of Hope for January


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Photography Badge

Leaders Resource Sheets

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Please print double sided

Photography badge workbook 3-7 yrs

Photography badge workbook 7-9 yrs  (Please print this workbook in colour)

Photography badge workbook 9-11 yrs

Photography badge workbook 11-15 yrs

Photography badge workbook 15-18 yrs

Photography badge workbook 18+ yrs

Theme for Regional Trainings 2017


Cookery Badge (revised 2016)

Cookery Badge

Cookery Badge – Information Sheet Special Dietary Requirements

Cookery Badge Resource – Parental Consent Form for Dish cooked at home


The best time to join is at the start of the season in September.  Most branches meet once a week from September to April/May each year. Joining GFS is a great way to meet new friends and take part in exciting activities. You will make a special promise at an Enrolment Service; you will then become a member of a parochial and global family, receiving your GFS membership badge to wear on your tie.

The branch is divided into sections:
(Sections determined by age on 1st July each year)

Junior Candidates (3-5 years)

Candidates (5-7 years)

Junior Members  ( 7-11 years)

Members  ( 11-15 years)

Senior Members (15-21 years)

Townsend Members  (over 21 years)

Please contact the Administrator at Central Office, 36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, email office@girlsfriendlysociety.ie and we will give you contact details for your local branch or contact your local branch directly.

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