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“Less plastic for Lent” initative

“Less plastic for Lent”

GFS Knowledge Badge Resource

GFS Knowledge Badge Resource

GFS Promise – annotated with actions

Mission Partner Badge

Mission Badge

Mission Badge Workbook

Additional information please follow link: St Columbas update Canon Stuart Lloyd 2016

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Prayer of Hope for February

Prayer of Hope for February

Prayer of Hope for January

Prayer of Hope for January


Protected: Photography Badge – Leaders Resource

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Photography Badge

Leaders Resource Sheets

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Please print double sided

Photography badge workbook 3-7 yrs

Photography badge workbook 7-9 yrs  (Please print this workbook in colour)

Photography badge workbook 9-11 yrs

Photography badge workbook 11-15 yrs

Photography badge workbook 15-18 yrs

Photography badge workbook 18+ yrs

Theme for Regional Trainings 2017


Cookery Badge (revised 2016)

Cookery Badge

Cookery Badge – Information Sheet Special Dietary Requirements

Cookery Badge Resource – Parental Consent Form for Dish cooked at home


The best time to join is at the start of the season in September.  Most branches meet once a week from September to April/May each year. Joining GFS is a great way to meet new friends and take part in exciting activities. You will make a special promise at an Enrolment Service; you will then become a member of a parochial and global family, receiving your GFS membership badge to wear on your tie.

The branch is divided into sections:
(Sections determined by age on 1st July each year)

Junior Candidates (3-5 years)

Candidates (5-7 years)

Junior Members  ( 7-11 years)

Members  ( 11-15 years)

Senior Members (15-21 years)

Townsend Members  (over 21 years)

Please contact the Administrator at Central Office, 36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, email and we will give you contact details for your local branch or contact your local branch directly.

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