The aim of the badges syllabus is to teach and encourage new skills, partake in challenges and adventure, as well as being engaged in Community & Church Life.  The syllabus contains a broad spectrum of interesting programmes including, Home, Community, Developing World, Church Life and Personal & Physical Skills.  The programmes are designed to help build self confident and self esteem.


Achievement Badges –  (aims/objectives and symbols)


Arts and Crafts (October 2013)

Beautician Badge

Bible Study Badge

Book Lovers Badge (revised 2010)

Church Knowledge Badge

Citizenship Badge

Cookery Badge (revised 2016)

Dance Badge (revised 2016)

Discovery and Science Badge

Digital Media Badge Syllabus & Consent Form October 2013

Drama Badge

Environmental and Nature Study

Exploration Badge

Floral Art

GFS Knowledge Badge

GFS Knowledge Badge Resource (revised 2014)

Health and Hygiene Badge

Home Maker

Information Technology Badge

Mission Partner Badge

Musician’s Badge

One World Badge

P.E. Badge

Safety Badge

Swimming Badge

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