Our Mission Partner

Tujisaidie Project formerly UDP, Nairobi, Kenya (From Jan 2019)
August 2022

Tujisaidie Project Update

We thank God for the progress being achieved by the Tumaini youth group this year, with new equipment in its Centre, enabling better communication and relationships by internet. Thank God also for the steadily growing Library and pray that the users will find joy in reading books for pleasure and entertainment as well as education.

We continue to pray for the students and teachers in the Tujisaidie Community Centre school as they complete a period of short terms and short holidays to catch up after the Covid-19 hiatus. 2021 and 2022 have been an exhausting and stressful time for all – please pray for inner calm and concentration as they prepare for national examinations at the end of the year.
Tumaini African Foundation (Antony Njoroge)