Wishing you all a very happy Easter

“As we approach and journey through the season of Lent, GFS in Ireland are delighted to be supporting the Less Plastics for Lent initiative.  This initiative was approved at our GFS Central Council meeting in February 2019 and is being supported by GFS Worldwide.  Our hope in GFS, is that with everyone making small changes in how they regard and treat plastics it will have a lasting and positive impact on our world. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, here we have 40 days to form not only a good habit but a lasting habit that we can all enjoy the benefits off.  Please feel free to download the calendar here and share it with your family, friends and churches ”

Alison Jackson

All Ireland President

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GFS Worldwide has created a wonderful resource to be used by GFS and Christians called’Prayers of Hope’ where  the prayers and reflections have been supplied from around the world.  Please find the prayers for April and May below, please click here to download these prayers.


Prayer of Hope for May 2019

Great God we give you thanks that you call us out of silence to name hidden and domestic violence.

Today we pray for all those women who despite suffering from violence, continue to care for family and children, to grow and prepare food, carry water, earn a living and offer support to others.


We pray for women who are trafficked as domestic or sex workers; for women who are raped and do not know how to find words to name their pain or a way into the future.


We pray for transformation of our societies which often find it easier to judge the victims of violence than to solve the problems of injustice


We pray that women’s voices may be heard and taken into account in all peace and reconciliation work.


We pray for a transformation in the violent way many men act towards and think about women.


We pray for right and just relations between women and men that together we may transform and overcome violence in all its forms and learn to celebrate our diversity and interdependence


We look forward to the age of peace, when violence is banished, both women and men are able to love and to be loved, and the work and wealth of our world is justly shared.


Gran Dios, te damos gracias porque nos llamaste desde el silencio para nombrar violencia oculta y doméstica. Hoy rezamos por todas aquellas mujeres que, a pesar de sufrir violencia, continúan cuidando a sus familias y niños, cultivan y preparan alimentos, llevan agua, se ganan la vida y ofrecen apoyo a los demás.

Oramos por las mujeres que son víctimas de la trata como trabajadoras domésticas o sexuales; para las mujeres que son violadas y no saben cómo encontrar palabras para nombrar su dolor o un camino hacia el futuro.

Oramos por la transformación de nuestras sociedades que a menudo les resulta más fácil juzgar a las víctimas de la violencia que a resolver los problemas de la injusticia.

Oramos para que las voces de las mujeres sean escuchadas y tenidas en cuenta en todo trabajo de paz y reconciliación.

Oramos por una transformación en la forma violenta en que muchos hombres actúan y piensan sobre las mujeres.

Oramos por las relaciones justas y justas entre mujeres y hombres para que juntos podamos transformar y superar la violencia en todas sus formas y aprender a celebrar nuestra diversidad e interdependencia.

Esperamos la era de la paz, cuando la violencia sea desterrada, tanto las mujeres como

Los hombres son capaces de amar y ser amados, y el trabajo y la riqueza de nuestro mundo se comparten con justicia.


Prayer of Hope for April 2019

As I thank you for the gift of the wonderful people I have met along the journey of life. Some of them have inspire me, stretched me, challenged me, love me, and encourage me. All of them helped me to realize how meaningful and beautiful my life is. I love my GFS family and bless them with good health, security, wealth, success, peace and Lord, in your mercy grant their prayers too.

Lord God, of all creation we give you thanks not only with our lips, but with our hearts, mind and soul. Every day is a gift. Each day is a blessing. Open our eyes to your living presence in each other. Help us grow stronger each day in faith, hope and love. We ask you this through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy spirit forever and ever. Amen


Dear Heavenly Father we commit all women everywhere. Lord help us to be capable, intelligent, and women of faith, diligent, generous and spiritually strong. May love and kindness always be in our hearts and on our lips.

We pray for single women, young women, mothers, grandmothers and especially our girls and women in our GFS family who are feeling hopeless and afraid or not loved. We pray for all women and girls that have been abused or mistreated. And those that have been led into sex trafficking. The burden they carry is so very heavy. Lord they need your peace, strength and joy to fill them up. Heal them and restore them. Help us to be faithful to your call to love. In Jesus loving Name we pray. Amen


Delores M. Alleyne Former GFS/USA National President UNCSW United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Representative to UNCSW 59th & 60th for the Episcopal Church USA


Praise to you, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, source of all consolation and hope.

By your Son’s dying and rising He remains our light in every darkness, our strength in every weakness.

Be the refuge and guardian of all who suffer from abuse and violence.

Comfort them and send healing for their wounds of body, soul and spirit.

Rescue them from bitterness and shame and refresh them with your love.

Heal the brokenness in all victims of abuse and revive the spirits of all who lament this sin.

Help us to follow Jesus in drawing good from evil, life from death.

Make us one with you in your love for justice as we deepen our respect for the dignity of every human life.

Giver of peace, make us one in celebrating your praise, both now and forever. Amen.


 Sana el quebrantamiento en todas las víctimas de abuso y revive los espíritus de todos los que lamentan este pecado.

Ayúdanos a seguir a Jesús en sacar el bien del mal, la vida de la muerte.

Haznos uno contigo en tu amor por la justicia a medida que profundizamos nuestro respeto por la dignidad de cada vida humana. Dador de paz, haznos uno en la celebración de tu alabanza, tanto ahora como para siempre

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