Please continue to support this initiative which was initially launched for the Lenten period….

“As we approach and journey through the season of Lent, GFS in Ireland are delighted to be supporting the Less Plastics for Lent initiative.  This initiative was approved at our GFS Central Council meeting in February 2019 and is being supported by GFS Worldwide.  Our hope in GFS, is that with everyone making small changes in how they regard and treat plastics it will have a lasting and positive impact on our world. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, here we have 40 days to form not only a good habit but a lasting habit that we can all enjoy the benefits off.  Please feel free to download the calendar here and share it with your family, friends and Churches ”

Alison Jackson

All Ireland President

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GFS Worldwide has created a wonderful resource to be used by GFS and Christians called ‘Prayers of Hope’ where  the prayers and reflections have been supplied from around the world.  Please find the prayer for  February and March 2020 below, please click here to download these prayers.

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Prayer of Hope for February 2020

 There are so many people who live in darkness as a result of abusive relationships. Abuse can take many forms, not just physical, but mental, verbal and emotional as well. It’s important that we ask God to enlighten victims and provide them with wisdom to see when things are not right within their relationships. Even when they feel powerless or fearful, God is in their corner. When you pray for these victims, ask God for the strength to share these convictions, the compassion for the abused, and the wisdom to plant seeds that encourage people to think and ponder these serious issues.

 Lord Jesus, we call upon Your blessed name and pray for the children who are abused and suffering from wounds inflicted deep within them, and those led into sin at a young age, not knowing what they are doing. In Your blessed power, release them from these captives and  may their hearts be healed, in Your perfect love and healing.

May those who abuse and inflict pain upon them and those who use little children for illicit earning, be brought to justice and be granted the punishment according to law and may these truly be taught of the repercussions of them inflicting pain upon these innocent ones. Lord Jesus, we ask You to open their eyes and hearts to love and to protect innocent ones from harm and evil. May they come to know You deeply, feel Your love wholeheartedly and give to these children from their hearts, the love they have received from You to little children who know not love, life and Your existence.

Almighty Father

We lift up the children of this world, the ones who live comfortably and the ones who have no roof above their heads. We lift up the children who have never heard of you. And today as we pray, we remember and lift up in your tender loving hands, the abused and abandoned, living without love, without hope, and without the basic needs of living.


Prayer of Hope for March 2020




During Women’s History Month, we remember the trailblazers of the past, including the women who are not recorded in our history books, and we honour their legacies by carrying forward the valuable lessons learned from the powerful examples they set.

As we offer up our prayers around the globe, we remember all those affected by gender-based violence and pray for a world where violence against women and girls no longer exists.

Gender based violence knows no religion, age, nationality, culture, or socioeconomic class. Lord open our eyes and hearts to this reality. Create within our structures that will stimulate discussion, provoke thought, workshops to educate us and raise awareness around this human rights violation on earth.

O God of truth and justice, we humbly come before you the Prince of Peace.Kindle our hearts O God to true love of peace, that in our homes we find peace, true peace from You and that this peace may flow through us and out to our communities in your mercy, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord        Amen.

Heavenly Father, we pray for all those who have experienced humiliation through sexual violence and powerlessness in the face of threat. We give you thanks for revealing yourself in our communities, and for bringing healing through the work of justice and mercy. Thank you for inspiring us with courage to change. Lord help us to become good listeners so that we may be able to know when to speak out and when to be silent. We pray that you will also help us to become part of the solution rather than be part of the problem. All these we give you Thanks.



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