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GFS Worldwide has created a wonderful resource to be used by GFS and Christians called’Prayers of Hope’ where  the prayers and reflections have been supplied from around the world.  Please find the prayer for February below, please click here to download this prayer.

Prayer of Hope for February 2019


Loving Savior, touch the hearts of those who abuse others. Heal their thinking, so
that they may turn to You and seek Your ways. Help them to know that every human
being is a treasure to You. Help them to know that You are a forgiving God and can
lead them on a path to new life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Our Heavenly Father is a source of consolation and hope and by His son’s dying and
rising. He remains our light in every darkness and our strength in every weakness.
Call on God to be the refuge and guardian of all who suffer from abuse and violence.
Ask that He comforts these victims and sends healing for their wounds of body, soul
and spirit. God has the power to rescue them from bitterness and shame and refresh
them with Your love. He can heal their brokenness and revive the spirits of all who
lament this sin. In order to call for justice, we must first deepen our respect for the
dignity of every human life. Call on the giver of peace who has the power to restore.
It’s important that we pray specifically for the children who have been hurt, abused,
neglected, criticized, dominated, betrayed and abandoned. Psalm 27:10 says,“For
my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.”
Call on Jesus to help these children feel loved and cared for, in a tangible way. Also pray
that these children will not look for love in all the wrong places, in a fruitless attempt
to fill a God – sized void. The Holy Spirit has the power to comfort them and deliver
Compassionate God, protect the innocent children who suffer or witness violence
and abuse at the hands of the ones they love. Bring them to a safe place where they
can begin to heal. Restore their minds to trust and their hearts
to love and their spirits to be free. Surround them with your angels. In Jesus’
name. Amen


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