Oak House

Oak House is located at 36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4 is a mid-terrace Georgian residence which has been divided into apartments for members of GFS who are coming to Dublin to study or work. Priority for places in the house will be given to GFS members with any unallocated places being available for non GFS members.

The apartments are self catering and are mainly twin bedded. There is limited space for parking which can be arranged for a charge. There are resident Supervisors in place.

The accommodation is also available for renting over the summer period from 1st June to 31st August

For further information, please contact the Office Administrator.

Oak House – How It Received Its Name

Nearly 100 years ago, GFS in Ireland identified the need for a house where they could headquarter their work and bring together the accommodation work that it was involved with. To this end, GFS members throughout Ireland raised funds to pay for such a property.

This culminated at the Golden Jubilee celebrations held in June 1927, where members from every part of Ireland presented branches of Oak Leave in gold, silver or copper reflecting the amount raised in the Branch as a ‘Jubilee Offering’ to purchase headquarters of the Society in Ireland.

On 1st July 1930, all parts of the accommodation work and offices in Dublin moved to one location at the newly purchased property at 34 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

The house was named GFS Oak House in memory of the oak leaves used in collecting the money for its’ purpose.

Later in 1933, ‘The Oak Tree’ painting was commissioned by GFS by the artist Miss Helen Colville (GFS). The caption below the picture reads:

“The Oak Tree is an emblem of strength, security, and shelter. We pray that this Oak House may inspire all those who come in and go out of it, with the spirit of Friendship, Love, and Service.”

This picture continues to hang today in GFS Board Room at the current Oak House located at:
36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4.