About GFS

GFS is a vibrant uniformed, youth organisation working with girls and women through a programme of crafts, Bible Study, public speaking, first aid, cookery, personal care, technology, drama, camps and special projects.

GFS works in over 70 branches located throughout the island of Ireland, where working together to achieve and make a difference in their own lives, local parishes and communities.

GFS was founded by an Irishwomen, Mrs Mary Elizabeth Townsend in England in 1875.

GFS started working in Ireland in 1877, with a focus on fun, friendship, fellowship and faith. Today in the 21 st Century these remain as important as they were in 1877 girls now, just as then flourish when they have these in their lives.

The work of GFS is lead and delivered by an incredibly talented group of volunteers who after the necessary training and statutory safety checks guide and support the members through our varied programmes.

All our leaders are volunteers and if you would like information on joining GFS as a member or a leader, you can contact:

– Central Office, 36 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4.
– Email: office@girlsfriendlysociety.ie
– Or your local branch directly if you know the contact details.

Girls Friendly Society