Bulbs For Bees Campaign – Celebrating Gaisce



To celebrate Gaisce – The President’s Award’s 35th anniversary, we have just launched a special Gaisce challenge for everyone: #BulbsForBees.

This is Ireland’s largest ever pollination project, supported by our President Michael D. Higgins and approved by the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

The ask is simple but impactful. #BulbsForBees is encouraging all members of society to plant a pollinator friendly bulb this Autumn to protect one of the most important players in the climate change battle – bees.

Just like a Gaisce Award – which a participant doesn’t earn overnight – a bulb planted now will, with commitment, attention and care, blossom in Spring 2022 and provide much needed food for our wild Irish bee population. One third of our bee species is threatened with extinction in Ireland. This is because we have drastically reduced the amount of flowers from which they source their food.

This is one small step on the issue of climate change and justice – but it’s an important one.

Everyone who participates by planting a pollinator friendly bulb can sign up now to receive a special once-off Gaisce certificate.

To register, go to the Gaisce website and complete the registration form.


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