GFS marks Platinum Jubilee

A woman of faith

GFS in Ireland marks the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II as a woman with a deep and abiding faith in God. A woman who has lived her life in the public eye and yet has never lost her sense of who she is a Queen, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Faith, Family, and Friendship

This continues to be the focus of GFS in the 21st Century and we believe that girls and women flourish when they have these positive influences in their lives. It is interesting to mote that these three things have also been central to the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The work of GFS is led and delivered by an incredibly talented group of volunteers who, after the necessary training and statutory safety checks, guide and support our members through our varied programmes.

May we too be able to echo this prayer of the Queen before her coronation,

“The whole of life is a journey to God…..
I have not chosen this office for myself;
He has appointed me to it,
And I go to be consecrated to it by him…..
And because He leads, I may follow in complete trust.”

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