Using and Developing our Talents for God

We have started our year continuing to support our members as they stay safe and well.

We  endorse the Health Agencies message of “Hands, Face and Space” as we live with the changing nature of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

For our members, home schooling and home working has become our daily reality.  This brings both opportunities and challenges, but remember to look to the positives and sometimes those challenges can help us think afresh about ways we can do things in another and possibly better way.

The words of the children’s hymn based on Psalm 145 :

“Jesus bids us shine, with a pure clear light,
Like a little candle burning in the night
In this world of darkness so we must shine
You in your small corner and I in mine.”

We need always to remember to say ‘Thank you’ to our parents and teachers who are helping us to continue learning and despite the challenges, we can still do our best to be kind and helpful.  The hymn goes on to remind us that we all have an important role in helping those around us.

GFS was founded to help bring ‘help, fellowship and fun’ to the members. Today we might restate  this as  ‘help, friendship and fun’ and so we have been greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm and engagement of so many of our leaders and members as they continue to deliver our programmes and support our GFS families remotely.

Keep up your great work, and do please let us know in the office of the amazing and extraordinary things that you are able to do safely as year continues for GFS.

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