About Central Presidents

What is a Central President?

A Central President is an elected member of GFS Ireland who guides the work of all departments of the Society in Ireland.

How is a Central President chosen?

Every 3 years, the Central Council holds an election to select new office holders A GFS member who has an important official position in the Society, such as President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. for the next 3 year term. Election candidatesCandidates must be members of GFS Ireland and members of the Church of Ireland or a Church in communion therewith. are nominated and, in keeping with our GFS constitution, voting takes place by unsigned postal ballot.
The Church of Ireland’s Archbishop’s advice may be sought where any queries arise regarding candidates.

After the election results, the newly appointed Central President must be commissioned at a GFS All-Ireland Church service lead by the Central Chaplain (where possible).

The new Central President’s term starts at the beginning of the GFS year.Our year starts 1st July and ends 30th June Once her election has been announced, the new Central President works alongside the outgoing Central President until the 1st of July.

Note: In the event of the Central President role becoming vacant, the vacancy shall be filled by one of the 6 chosen Central
Vice-Presidents for the remainder of the relevant term.

What does a Central President do?

The main duties of the Central President are to:

  • Oversee the Central Council elections and chairs meetings.
  • Oversee financial decisions.
  • Visit dioceses and branches throughout Ireland.
  • Visit the Church of Ireland Theological Institute in addition to other meetings and services to represent the GFS.
  • Sit on the panel to select the Junior Delegate.
  • Attend service and events to represent GFS
  • Liaise with relevant statutory and non-statutory youth departments.

Also, a Central President:

  • Is entitled to vote at all meetings she attends, even if not in the chair for the meeting.
  • Has a casting vote at all meetings if it is necessary.
  • May delegate to a Central Vice-President or others where she feels it is appropriate to do so.
  • Has her expenses met from the Central Funds.
  • May convene special meetings as outlined in the GFS constitution.
  • May invite persons not on the Central Council or any other meeting to attend that council/meeting.
  • Must retire from her position triennially (after a 3 year term), with an option to serve a second and final term.